Interview with J Z Pinder - Author of RONDA AND RICHARD : The Novel

Can you tell us a little about your books and yourself?

In the brand-new, marvelous age of digital self-publishing, I can write a story and have it available for sale within days. Only a few years ago, this was an impossible dream. Recently I decided to start writing short stories of between 7,000 to 10,000 words. Most are lengthy, close to 10,000 words. I call them "long stories," since most short stories are under 5,000. I try to include a lot of suspense in my stories.

In early August of 2013, I published my first novel, Ronda and Richard, a full length erotic romance set in the mid-seventies. Here's my author page on amazon.

What inspired you to write your books?

I wrote stories for years and never was able to get them published. Now I publish my own in this wonderful age of self-publishing.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? 

Never self-publish your novel or stories until you feel it has been sufficiently edited.  Nothing turns readers off more than a sloppily edited book. Always, without exception, have your cover created by a professional. There are some very good cover designers on They show their samples on their Fiverr page. Work from a good outline and you wil rarely experience writer’s block.

What are some challenges that you faced while writing?

Not many because I have always worked from a good outline. I can’t imagine how anyone can just start writing a 70 ro 80,000 word novel without an outline. It would be like driving a car without headlights.

Who or what in your life would you say influenced you the most?

My Dad. He passed away and I miss him every day.

What are your hobbies and interests away from the desk?

Sailing, politics, the Jersey shore beaches.

What do you get passionate about?

My kids and their kids.

What does “success” mean to you?

Doing something really well and feeling afterwards that you have done your best.

What are your current projects?

I want to write a series of novellas about an interesting and appealing female character.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

You must write every day, even if it is only a hundred words. A record of words written forces you to write every day. I keep a word diary like this:

DATE         TODAY            TO DATE       TIME                COMMENTS

May 11    1, 423 words      total– 23,102    3.2 hours        Very few interuptions.

May 12        792 words      total– 23,894    1.6 hours     Little writing time available

May 13     2,356 words      total–  26,250   4.4 hours     Great writing day. Steamed right along.

When you are going good like on the May 13th day above, stop only when you are are fatigued and know what you are going to write next. This will assure that you don’t get writer’s block the next day. Nobel prize winner Ernest Hemingway always used this method.  
Make the decision whether you want to be a writer or not. You must love to write right from the beginning. You can learn to become a better writer, but I believe the intense passion to write has to be there from the start. Don’t give up your day job but keep writing, writing, writing. Switch genres if you want, but always keep putting words on paper. To be successful as a writer requires, tenacity, discipline and the ability to take rejection. Being a writer is hard work. If you aren’t prepared to handle the inevitable frustration and disappointment,  then try another line of work. There are far easier ways to make a living.

Constantly envision yourself as an accomplished writer. It may take some time, but if you do this, success will come to you.

Remember that you have to promote your books once they are listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. There are now many print and e-books out on the subject of book promotion.

Educate yourself by constantly reading the books of other successful writers in your genre. You will learn an enormous amount from their writing.

If you can, write about what you know, and then let your imagination take over.
Buy and read books on how to improve your writing skills. Many of the Writers Digest books have been very helpful to me. I save money by buying my books used. If a book only gives you one writing tip or method that helps you in your everyday writing, then it is worth the entire cost of the book.


RONDA AND RICHARD : The Novel – A young woman’s pursuit of happiness

My full length, 77,000 word novel about the moving love story between a small-town girl and a wealthy businessman from a big city.


DARLINE’S SEXUAL  HARASSMENT: A woman fights a workplace predator

Darline’s sexual harassment

Darline Flowers, a pretty blonde in her late twenties takes a position as Executive Secretary to Earl Brumbach, a top officer of a food products company. Brumbach has a notorious reputation of longstanding sexual harassment involving many female employees. The year is 1964. Darline desperately tries to do a good job while avoiding the obsessive sexual advances of the lecherous Brumbach. You will thoroughly enjoy the final crisis and the unexpected solution to her problems with her horny boss. (10,117 words)


Love and danger in Havana

The scene of this adventurous story is set in the aftermath of the Cuban revolution of 1959. Twenty somethings Darline Flowers and her writer boyfriend Larry Marino, have decided to vacation in Havana, Cuba. Imagine their surprise when they discover that they have arrived in Cuba at the tail end of the revolution in which Fidel Castro and his soldiers have taken over the country. There is still some skirmishes and bombings in the city. At the hotel in Havana they meet Mike and Pam, a young American couple who have fled the U.S. because of federal charges brought by Pams’ father. While visiting a famous tourist bar they invite a handful of Cuban soldiers to a party at the hotel the next evening. The exciting events that occur during the party and in the days after make this thrilling adventure story a must read. (9,464 words)


Darline’s encounter with a crazed killer

Darline Flowers is the pretty young corporate development officer for a large corporation. Darline and her best friend are having lunch at a swank restaurant where they discuss the recent murder of a young woman from their central city neighborhood. One day while shopping in the small supermarket near her apartment, Darline meets a handsome man about her age, who introduces himself only as Buddy. Later, Buddy seems to keep turning up in Darline’s life. You will be thrilled by the sexy and unusual ending to this story. (7,739 words)

THE ICE CREAM ADDICTION: A mysterious herb takes over a country town

The ice cream addiction

This lengthy short story focuses on Lorna Carney, a middle-aged widow, who owns a small family dairy farm called Good Acres. Everyone calls her “Ma.” She decides to open an ice cream shop in Colton Hollow, her home town. A few months before his death, her husband, Caleb, bought an old book in a used bookstore while on a visit to the City. The book’s title was “The Qualities of the Analexium Fisticium Plant.” It seems that the herb has strange and mysterious qualities. This lengthy short story will keep you enthralled until the last page.


The passionate romance of Lance and Regina

Lance Perillo lives an uneventful life with his wife and young daughter. His world is turned upside down when, in a local bar, he meets Regina Henley, a beautiful widow. He hasn’t been getting along with his wife and he craves feminine companionship and sex, so he begins a relationship with Regina. The one of a kind, shocking finale to this story puts it in a class all by itself. (5,584 words)

 BEVERLY’S LOVE AFFAIR: A frustrated woman’s search for romance

Beverly’s Love Affair

This short story opens with Beverly Rollins having lunch at the Atrium restaurant with her best friend and coworker, Ruth powers. Beverly confides to Ruth that she feels terribly neglected by her husband, Norman. She is actually considering having an affair with Christopher, whom she has been chatting with online for some time. Beverly decides to give it one more try with Norman. She will prepare a delicious dinner and set up a romantic evening with him Hopefully this will revive his sexual feelings toward her. (9,643 words)

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